Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of summer pics

Some pics from the end of our summer:

This was just a cute pic of her & Chloe in their chairs:)

During Labor Day weekend we went to my friend, Mindy's son's 2nd birthday party. They had a bouncy house which she LOVED!

Eating ice

She loves to bounce...

...and swing.

Taking a drink break & using her cool new Dora cup & twisty straw:)

Waiting patiently for the birthday boy to take his turn with the pinata.
This year we went to watch the Greentree Parade in Kirkwood with Yia Yia, Poppy, Uncle Pat & Chaney.

T with Yia Yia

Getting comfy in her chair

Watching the parade with cousin Chaney

Showing Mom a pretty red leaf:)

Uncle Pat, Chaney, Yia Yia & Tanner

One group gave out apples instead of candy & she loved it!
This past Saturday we went to Eckert's Farm. The girls got to ride ponies, watch pig races, ride on a wagon & pick apples from the orchard. It was a great time!

As you can see, she loves pony rides!!

What a pro! :)

A neat pic of the Arch from the apple orchard. We were in Milstadt, IL.

On the wagon that takes you to & from the orchard.

Eating some yummy apples with Chaney.

The girls loved eating their apples!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last weekend Tanner & i went to my friend, Rochelle's parent's farm near Rolla for the day on Saturday. Rochelle's nieces & nephew were there along with another friend of Rochelle's & her daughter so there were plenty of kids to play with & she did great. Such a little social bug:) I think she even had a little crush on Rochelle's 15 month old nephew, Tyler, lol:) There was so much to do there & we had SO much fun!! We did not want to leave! Tanner went on her 1st pony ride & loved it! She looks pretty serious in the pics but she wanted to keep going & going. We went swimming in the lake & they had a bouncy house & a (kid size) roller coaster there! It was so nice to spend the day there, we loved it!

On the roller coaster

She loved it!

Sitting at the table, waiting for lunch, with her pals Tyler & Beckah.

Playing on the roller coaster with Ashlyn.

Playing in the leaves with Ashlyn.

1st pony ride! (Her name was Buttercup)

What a pro:)

That's my silly girl:)

In the bouncy house. (This was at the end of the day & she really didn't have her binky much at all earlier.)

Little ones turn in the bouncy house. (Beckah, Tanner & Tyler)

Playing with Rochelle's brother, J.R. She really liked him!

Getting ready to race J.R. On your mark, get set...

GO! T wins!
Here's a video of her on the roller coaster:) (You can pause the music player below if you need to)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just pics

A few pics from our summer:

Decked out in her Dora gear for some swimming at Yia Yia & Poppy's!

Kisses for cousin Chaney:)

In the backyard with her new pool.

Taking a nap with Dakota (my bro-in-law's dog:)

"Really Mom?!" (I just wanted to try them but she wasn't having it & so they only lasted a minute...aren't they cute though?!;)

Leaving Branson, she wanted to help Dad with the luggage:)

A pretty smile!

Brushing her teeth like a big girl!

Standing IN the toy box.

Bath time fun!

Well, this Monday (8/16) my "baby" is going to be only 2 months away from turning 2 years old:( The best two years of my life!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

We're back!

Sorry it's been a while sinced i haved posted anything. I will try & at least keep it updated with pictures! (Sorry, Mom;)

Having a chat with Chaney at Chaney's 1st b-day party.

Saying hello to a friend at a school picnic we went to:)

Being very silly!

In her Dora hat.

Being silly with Gram! I cannot get enough of that laugh!!

Stylin' in Mom's shades while waiting for the doc.

Sweetest little smile in the world!

Pretty in PINK! And i I love the look on her face:)

Having a blast playing outside!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And last but certainly not least...

Tanner's newest cousin, Keaton Finley Werner! Born 6/23/10.
Isn't she precious?!